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The Ideology of Keynes There is a certain degree of irony in considering the iconic figure that Keynes has become. For a man who was so thoroughly iconoclastic, rejecting established ideologies always in favor of his own, that he has become nearly synonymous with a mode of government or at least a school of economic thought, seems to be the richest sort of irony.

Free John Maynard Keynes papers, essays, and research papers. Keynes was not just a brilliant economist and mathematician but also a lover of the arts, and music. He was a key member of the Bloomsbury social group based around Cambridge and London.

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He loved ballet and married a famous Russian ballerina Lydia Lopokova. Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview The Ideology of Keynes - The Ideology of Keynes There is a certain degree of irony in considering the iconic figure that Keynes has become.

The compilation of essays by JM Keynes is best taken in instalments. It is an omnium gatherum of pellucid and well reasoned predictions, positions and commentaries on politics, economy, philosophy, and a bonus review of H.G.

Wells's book - The World of William Clissold/5. Jul 19,  · Essay on John Maynard Keynes Versus Friederich A.

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Hayek Words | 3 Pages Two major economic thinkers of the of the early twentieth century, John Maynard Keynes and Friedrich A. Hayek, hold very different economic viewpoints.

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