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Masaccio was strongly influenced by the architect Filippo and the sculptor Donatello, profile and facts about the life of the Sculptor Donatello The following biography information provides basic facts and information about the life and history of Donatello a famous Medieval character of the Middle Ages: Masaccio Essay.

Correggio: Correggio, most important Renaissance painter of the school of Parma, whose late works influenced the style of many Baroque and Rococo artists. His first important works are the convent ceiling of San Paolo (c.

), Parma, depicting allegories on. The Italian painter Masaccio () was the first great exponent of Renaissance painting.

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In his brief life he produced four major works utilizing the new discipline of space defined in perspective. Conic Sections in Taxicab Geometry - In this essay the conic sections in taxicab geometry will be researched.

Tommaso Cassai Masaccio

The area of mathematics used is geometry.

Masaccio biography essay
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